Understanding Critical Path Analysis

Understanding critical path analysis   Critical Path Analysis is a powerful tool that helps you to plan and manage your projects. Before we look at critical path analysis [...]

What do you know about Critical Path Analysis?

What do you know about critical path analysis?   Critical path analysis sounds like some massively complicated surgical procedure when actually it is a fairly straight forward tool [...]

What can you do to deal with stress?

How to deal with stress?   We’ve all said things like “this is stressful” or “I’m stressed”, and we may have all experienced feelings of stress so we [...]

How to deal with stress?

What do you know about dealing with stress? We have put together a free short quiz so that you can test yourself on your dealing with stress knowledge! [...]

How to plan your project

  How to plan your project   Your manager has just asked you to project manage the office move. Where do you start? Who should you involve? This [...]

What do you know about Project Management?

What do you know about project management? Project management is an area that most of us will come in to contact with at some point in our careers [...]

How to use Solutions Based Coaching

Benefits of Coaching   There are numerous benefits to solutions based coaching in the workplace, such as: 1. Improved performance and productivity for both the individual and the [...]

What do you know about Coaching?

What do you know about coaching?   When coaching gets mentioned within a work environment there is usually lots of confusion over what it actually is. Some people [...]

Are you an Emotionally intelligent leader?

Following my recent blog on Emotional Intelligence, I am going to focus in this blog on ways that you can improve your emotional intelligence and become a more [...]

What is Emotional Intelligence?

  What is Emotional Intelligence?   You may have noticed recently within Person Specifications and Job adverts that strong emotional intelligence is often something that is sometimes referred [...]