Financial Information – Do you understand the numbers?

Why is this relevant to me? Having owned my own businesses for over 15 years, I have come to realise just how important it is to have a [...]

Communication using Emotional Intelligence

  Communication skills using Emotional Intelligence (EI) This blog is going to focus on how to improve our communication skills using Emotional Intelligence (EI). Why, when we have so [...]

Strategy – What do you know?

Academics and business leaders have tried to define strategy over the years (and as a tutor, so have I), however, it is not as easy as it would [...]

HR and Leaders face ethical issues this month

Ethical issues for Leaders and Managers are in the spotlight this month   Last month, we commented on the Great British Bake off and the leaders involved with the [...]

What can we learn from our Olympic Team?

  Last month we saw a record number of GB gold medal team performances at the Rio Olympics. So what can HR and management learn from this? Many [...]

Mental Toughness – Are you mentally tough?

Why is mental toughness important? In a world of much change, the EU Referendum for example, and ever increasing pace, where technology is advancing at a rate of [...]