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Study Leadership and Management Online

– enhance your own professional development by studying relevant topics which will provide you with practical tips and knowledge that you will be able to immediately apply in your workplace, in your own time, at your own pace, in your own home.

You will be able to claim your study as CPD (continuing professional development) and you could even convert your learning in to a formal ILM qualification as the lessons follow the required format for the ILM Leadership and Management qualifications.

Why bother with CPD?

It can help you to reflect, review and document your learning and to develop and update your professional knowledge and skills. It is also very useful to:

* provide an overview of your professional development to date

* remind you of your achievements and how far you’ve progressed

* direct your career and help you keep your eye on your goals

* uncover gaps in your skills and capabilities

* open up further development needs

* provide examples and scenarios for a CV or interview

* demonstrate your professional standing to clients and employers

* help you with your career development or a possible career change

* prove your commitment to developing yourself professionally.

Just being a good manager is not enough these days

Let’s be honest, most of us leaders and managers are in our positions because we have proven our technical ability whether it is being an engineer, a teacher or a nurse. To be in these roles we will have achieved an accredited qualification e.g. Post Grad Diploma in Education or a Degree in Nursing, but what about our leadership and management role? How can we evidence that our leadership and management knowledge and ability is current? What learning have we conducted within Leadership and Management  issues? How can we evidence our commitment to our own personal development? In this fierce competitive market just being a good leader is not enough, so if you want that promotion and enhance your career, then read on. You have found the solution.

Well-crafted continuing professional development is important because it delivers benefits to the individual, their profession and the organisation

Our development online courses in Leadership, Team Skills and Management are based on the accredited ILM qualifications (City and Guilds of London Institute) which are recognised and valued on a worldwide basis. These courses are specifically aimed at existing or aspiring managers – from team leader to senior management level, who already have or aspire to have people management responsibility. The programmes have been devised by practising managers to cover the main people management issues that we face when we lead.

Getting the right mix of inspirational leadership and effective management skills and practices can have a significant impact on your own performance and your organisational performance.

It is for this reason that our development programmes have been designed to cover topics that will enhance your abilities as a Leader and Manager, and to give you the confidence to adopt new practices. The courses are flexible to allow you to select and study only the topics that you feel are most relevant and they are available to you to study wherever you like, at a time to suit you (as long as you have internet connection!) Topics include:

Understand performance management – you will develop your knowledge and understanding and be able to manage performance in the workplace as required by a practising or potential first line manager.

Effective Delegation in the workplace – you will learn how to effectively delegate to your staff so that they are developed and not just dumped on

Understand how to motivate to improve performance – you will understand motivation and consider how to improve performance within your team. You will learn key theories and understand how to apply them within your own practice.

Managing and implementing change in the workplace – you will learn how to manage and implement change in the workplace. You will learn about the reasons for organisational change such as changes in leadership, technology, business strategy, the need to become more efficient along with much more…

Assessing your own leadership capability and performance in the workplace – you will understand your own leadership style and consider how to improve your style to motivate and engage your followers. You will learn key theories and understand how to apply them within your own practice.

Managing recruitment – you will develop your understanding and ability to manage recruitment as required by a practising or potential middle manager. You will understand human resource planning in an organisation and be able to plan and implement recruitment in line with legal and organisational requirements.

Leading innovation and change – You will analyse the difference between Innovation and Change, and establish the importance of change management in current practices. Coming soon!

Principles of coaching and mentoring – You will learn about the methods of Coaching and Mentoring, identifying the differences between each. Coming soon!

Solving Problems and Making Decisions – you will learn how to describe a problem, its nature, scope and impact, how to gather and interpret information to solve a problem. Coming soon!

Planning and Allocating Work – you will learn how to plan work in the workplace, how to allocate work to team members and how to improve the performance of a team in delivering to plan. Coming soon!

Along with many more…

Flexible online development courses that will add value to your practices and enhance your career

These online development courses in Leadership and Management are flexible programmes available to suit your needs which you could convert to a formal ILM accredited qualification in Leadership and Management at any point throughout and after your study.

Why study with Professional Futures Ltd?


“I found the course very enjoyable and learned a great deal which has influenced and strengthened my current position within my organisation. I would highly recommend PFL and will definitely use their services again.”

If you want:

* Enhanced career development – Stand out from your competition and achieve a development certificate that shows how much you value your personal development

* The ability to be able to convert your learning to an accredited Leadership and Management qualification – An ILM qualification that is recognised and valued worldwide

* To develop your skills, ability and confidence – These specially designed courses will provide you with a robust tool kit to develop yourself and your team to improved performance

* A flexible course available online – You can choose what topics you study and when and how. All of our online courses are tablet and mobile phone compatible

* Excellent Learning – Your personal course tutors have over 25 years’ experience in Leadership and Management, are consistently grade 1 outstanding and are dedicated to ensure you succeed.

* Unrivalled support – After hours’ support, highly experienced tutors, and tutorials available on skype or face time.