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Over our years in teaching, we have realised that quite often it can feel like you need a qualification just to understand the wording within your assignment briefs – what is the difference between analysing and assessing? Why is explaining not the same as describing? These differences can actually mean the difference between a pass and a refer, so it is for these reasons why we decided that you need further help.

We have carefully designed and produced our assignment guides to ensure that each part of your assignments becomes clearer and easier for you to understand. Our wealth of experience with hundreds of learners have ensured that each of our guides are clear, concise and essential to help you pass your assignment first time.

Benefits of using our assignment guides

  • Easy to understand assignment help – Our assignment guides are specifically designed to help you understand and pass your awarding body assignments.
  • You will pass your assignment first time – Our assignment guides will help you understand what you are required to do to ensure you have the necessary tools to pass.
  • More time – Our assignment guides provide you with clear, concise and understandable help so that you will achieve your pass in a timely fashion – rewriting work can be both frustrating and time consuming.
  • A variety of formats – Our assignment guides are provided to you using a variety of different methods – videos, podcasts and a written guide.
  • Additional support – One-to-one help can be provided by our qualified tutors via Skype or Facetime to ensure you have all the tools necessary to succeed in your course. NB additional charge for this service.
  • Excellent value for money – priced from  £29.99 each, each guide will ensure you achieve the success you deserve in each unit.

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