Leadership and Management Level 5

ILM Leadership & Management Course

Just being a good manager is not enough these days. You need to lead, inspire and motivate

Let’s be honest, most of us leaders and managers are in our positions because we have proven our technical ability whether it is being an engineer, a teacher or a nurse. To be in these roles we will have achieved an accredited qualification e.g Post Grad Diploma in Education or a Degree in Nursing, but what about our leadership and management role?

What accredited qualification do we have within Leadership and Management? In this fierce competitive market just being a good leader is not enough, so if you want that promotion and enhance your career, then read on. You have found the solution.

Over 90,000 Leaders and Managers each year have enhanced their skills and knowledge and successfully achieved an ILM qualification

The ILM Level 5 in Leadership and Management is an accredited qualification (City and Guilds of London Institute) which is recognised and valued on a worldwide basis. This course is specifically aimed at senior managers who have substantial people management and budgetary responsibility. This programme has been devised by a practising senior leader/manager to cover some of the main strategic people management and organisational issues that we face when we lead.

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Getting the right mix of inspirational leadership and effective management skills and practices can have a significant impact on your own performance and your organisational performance in terms of profit, sales, growth and survival

It is for this reason that the programme has been designed to include units that will further enhance your abilities as a Leader and Manager and to give you the confidence to adopt and implement proven management/leadership practices and techniques. The course is flexible to allow you to select and study only the units that you feel are most relevant and is provided close to you in Warrington, Manchester, Bolton and Oldham.

We will cover such topics as:

Leading innovation and change – You will analyse the difference between Innovation and Change, and establish the importance of change management in current practices. You will identify how change and innovation is created linking to organisational strategy, and you will identify a change/innovative idea to be implemented in your own area of responsibility – managing the process from start to finish

Assessing leadership capability – You will assess and analyse the leadership practices and techniques adopted by your management and yourself. This will link closely to leadership and management theory, and will include recommendations for improvement in order to motivate and communicate effectively with your teams.

Principles of coaching and mentoring – You will learn about the methods of Coaching and Mentoring, identifying the differences between each. You will analyse the benefits of these methods within leadership and management, whilst considering the barriers that a manager/leader may face

Managing individual development – You will learn about performance gap analysis linking to organisational strategy, and identify how the development of individuals within your team should link to strategy. You will then analyse gaps in performance and develop a plan that will minimise any gaps identified and ensure that objectives are achieved.

Along with many more…

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A valuable and recognised accredited qualification that is flexible and close to you

The ILM Level 5 programme in Leadership and Management is a flexible programme available to suit your needs. You can choose to study the whole Diploma programme or pick the units you wish to study in order to achieve either the Certificate or Award qualification.

The ILM Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management is approximately a 20 week programme of part-time study available on a full day basis. You will study up to 9 units.

The ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management is approximately a 9 week programme of part-time study available on a full day basis. You will study up to 4 units.

The ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management is approximately a 6 week programme of part-time study available on a full day basis. You will study a minimum of 2 units.

This programme is available in Warrington, Bolton, Manchester and Oldham.

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Why study with Professional Futures Ltd?

Here are some comments from some of our learners:


I’m so glad I completed the course and don’t think without Lyndsey and the other students for support it would of been a long lonely road. We had a cake club and lots of learning fun by interactive tasks and discussions and even though I was always as red as a beetroot I enjoyed them.
Diane Clarkson, Registered Manager – Care Home

I attended 2 consecutive years of classes taught by Lynsey Heeks on the ILM Level 4 & 5 leadership courses. The experience I had in her classroom shaped me into the manager I am today. With her years of experience, she brought a lot of workplace examples to the table that made practical application of the lessons far easier and more enjoyable. Jon Ridley, Senior Engineer and Manager, The BookYard Ltd.

If you want:

  • Enhanced career development – Stand out from your competition and achieve a qualification that shows how much you value your personal development.
  • An accredited Leadership and Management qualification – An ILM qualification that is recognised and valued worldwide.
  • To develop your skills, ability and confidence – This specially designed course will provide you with a robust tool kit to develop yourself and your team to improved performance.
  • A flexible course in a location close to you – You can choose what units you study and when, in the location to suit you. This programme is delivered across Warrington, Bolton, Manchester and Oldham.
  • Excellent Learning – Your course tutor has over 14 years’ experience in Leadership and Management, is a Grade 1 outstanding tutor with 7 years teaching experience, and will ensure that you enjoy your learning.

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