Our commitment is to provide outstanding and relevant vocational education and training, that will promote future success for our learners, apprentices and their employers.


We will create and provide innovative, flexible and professional training and development that will promote future success for all.

Company Values

The Company will base its future success on upholding what we believe to be our core values:

  • Excellent Teaching – Teaching, learning and assessment are our first priority and should lead all decision making. Teaching, learning and assessment are not three separate issues but one united topic.
  • Striving for Success – We will be highly successful through continuous improvement and innovation in a competitive world, and through always wanting success for our clients, learners and ourselves.
  • Acting with integrity – We will uphold the professional values of honesty, morality and commitment to the service of our learners/apprentices. We will treat people fairly and with respect and we expect others to treat us in the same way.

Key features of Excellent Teaching

  • Subject Knowledge
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Student Engagement
  • Differentiation
  • Independent learning
  • Planning
  • Inspiration and innovation
  • Recruiting students as active partners in their learning

Key Principles of the Company

  • Professional Futures Ltd is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive environment, striving for excellence in enabling a student-centred focus on achieving the goals and potential of all our learners/apprentices.
  • We work with a wide range of employers and other key players to develop enhanced development and progression opportunities.
  • We will empower students through active engagement in order to develop them as ‘the expert learner’.
  • We will constantly review the learning experience of all our students/apprentices to enhance the quality of that experience.
  • Our culture of mutual trust sustains improvement and enhancement, with capacity to take risks and innovate in the pursuit of excellence.
  • This strategy will be informed by the latest research on Teaching, Learning and Assessment and on Professional Learning.
  • In summary, we recognise that successful learning requires warm, human relationships between teachers and students/apprentices, that are based on trust and mutual respect, where students/apprentices feel safe, supported and challenged so that they become better at learning.